Best Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturers in the USA

Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, providing children with a safe space to play and exercise. As an owner or manager of a commercial playground, you want the best playground equipment for your patrons. Choosing the right equipment is crucial to creating an exciting and engaging play experience for children of all ages. But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to decide which manufacturer to trust.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the Best Commercial Playground Equipment manufacturers in the USA. In this article, we will explore the different types of playground equipment available, and what to look for when investing in playground equipment. We will then highlight the top manufacturers in the industry, their product offerings, and why they stand out.

Types of Commercial Playground Equipment

When it comes to commercial playgrounds, there are various options available to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the most common types of equipment include:

1: Swings

Swings have been a staple of playgrounds for decades, and continue to be popular among children. They offer a relaxing and fun way to play and are available in different styles, including bucket swings for toddlers or infant swings for children up to two years. Commercial Playground Swing Sets provide thrilling rides for children of all ages, offering a variety of options.

2: Climbing equipment

Climbing equipment is a great way to improve children’s physical skills like coordination and balance. It also helps foster their sense of adventure. Climbing equipment comes in many forms such as rock walls, ropes courses, nets, and monkey bars.

3: Slides

Slides provide an exhilarating experience for children. They also help develop their gross motor skills and provide an opportunity for imaginative play. Slides are available in different lengths, heights, and shapes.

4: Play structures

Play structures incorporate various play elements such as slides, swings, climbing equipment, and tunnels all in one package. These structures come in a wide variety of designs and can be customized to meet specific needs.

5: Spring riders

Spring riders are a fun way to encourage imaginative play and develop balance and coordination skills. They come in various shapes and sizes, such as horses, cars, and motorcycles.

What to Consider When Choosing Playground Equipment

Once you have an idea of the type of equipment you want, there are some factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer:

Age range: Consider the age of the children the equipment will serve. Some manufacturers specialize in equipment for a specific age range, while others offer equipment for all ages.

Quality and safety: It’s essential to invest in equipment that meets safety standards. Play equipment should be tested against ASTM and CPSC standards, and the manufacturer should provide a warranty for their product.

Customization: A good manufacturer should offer customization options, so you can create a unique play space that meets your specific needs.

Price: Compare prices from various manufacturers, keeping in mind the quality and safety of the equipment.

Top Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturers in the USA

Here are the top five commercial playground equipment manufacturers in the USA and what makes them stand out:

Playworld: Playworld has been in the playground equipment business for over 50 years. They offer a wide variety of equipment, from traditional structures to themed play areas. Playworld is known for its green initiative, producing eco-friendly equipment that is built to last. They also offer customization options, giving you the option to create a unique play space.

Playcraft Systems: Playcraft Systems has been around for over 70 years and offers a wide range of equipment to suit various needs. They specialize in custom structures, giving you the freedom to create a unique play area. Their equipment is ADA-compliant, making it inclusive for all children.

Landscape Structures: Landscape Structures has been in the playground equipment business for over 45 years and is known for its inventive and imaginative designs. Their equipment is designed to encourage imaginative and inclusive play, with options for all age ranges and abilities.

Miracle Recreation: Miracle Recreation is a well-known manufacturer of commercial playground equipment, with a focus on creating high-quality, safe, and fun structures. They offer a variety of equipment for different age ranges and also specialize in custom designs.

Superior Play Systems: Superior Play Systems is a family-owned business that offers a wide variety of equipment, including play structures, swing sets, and trampolines. They offer customization options, giving you the freedom to create a unique play space. Their equipment is designed to be safe, durable, and inclusive.

Investing in commercial playground equipment is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By choosing a reputable manufacturer, you can ensure that the equipment you purchase meets safety standards and is built to last.

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Ken Cosper