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Create Fun Up, Over, And Under With Playground Climbers

MVP Playgrounds carries a large variety of playground climbers for all ages and size accommodations your facility requires. From climbing wall components to multi-use climbing panels, our playground climbers are designed to challenge and foster a love of play!

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Customize Your Commercial Playground With MVP Playgrounds

MVP Playgrounds serves a broad array of entities including schools, HOAs, apartments, churches, daycares, and parks and rec, so no matter how big or small your facility is, we can help create a fun and exciting experience for kids of all ages and abilities! 

Commercial playground climbers can be added to an existing playground, incorporated into a brand new playground build, or on their own as a unique and new playground component. 

MVP Playgrounds offer a wide selection of playground climbers to best accommodate your play environment. Learn all about commercial playground climbers!

Creating A Fun, New Way To Play

More and more, electronic devices are winding up in the hands of kids at an earlier age — staying indoors in front of a screen has largely replaced the fresh air and sunshine of the great outdoors. MVP Playgrounds can help! Our playground climbers are fun for all ages and encourage kids to explore and adventure outside their devices. Help kids unplug by introducing a fun, new way to play — the exploration of playground climbers!

The Advantages Of Playground Climbers

Implementing a playground climber as a standalone structure or with your playground provides kids with something a little different than traditional playground components such as slides and swings. Kids innately love to climb and explore these elements, making them fundamental playground fixtures.

When kids climb, they learn to move their bodies in new ways — from understanding the precise weight placement on their arm and feet to how to move optimally, there is so much learning going on that they don’t even realize because they’re having so much fun!

Hand-Eye Coordination

Climbers are wonderful to help teach kids about hand-eye coordination and ties directly to their proprioception — where their body is in space. Climbers help them sense visually what’s around them, and can help them move safely and even improve this skill.


Climbing around is very physically demanding, especially for younger kids. Climbers can help build their tolerance in a challenging and tangible way — each week they can assess how long they can climb or how far up they can reach.


Balance is a great skill for kids to learn and a playground climber can help teach it! Kids learn different weight distributions and the importance of the role both their arms and legs play in balancing on the climber.

Problem-Solving Skills

Climbers can help cultivate good problem-solving skills. As kids explore these playground components, they can come up with new ways to get from one area to another or different ways of climbing, such as under or over a structure.

Playground climbers greatly contribute to sensory play and help kids navigate a range of variables, from different textures of the equipment to muscle activation that is needed to pull or balance.

Why Invest In Playground Climbers From MVP Playgrounds?

MVP Playgrounds is well-known in the industry and among our clients for providing the very best playground equipment. Our playground climbers are made from durable materials that make play both safe and fun for kids, and are intentionally designed to protect kids. From rounded plastic edges to specifically placed climbing holds to better prevent falls, we prioritize your child’s safety.

MVP Playgrounds feature vandal-resistant plastics and climbing cables that are wrapped in a safer material that won’t rub or irritate their skin. We put your child first, which means every design is intentional and we never cut corners or settle for a less-safe end product.

Our playground climbers have holds (hand grips) that help kids climb securely at any angle and imitate similar climbing holds you would find on professional climbing walls.

The details are what make MVP Playgrounds the unrivaled choice for playground climbers!

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Cultivate A Safe Place To Play With MVP Playgrounds

MVP Playgrounds has many different types of playground climbers for a variety of ability levels and ages to sharpen cognitive and strength skills while building a love for being outdoors. Kids begin to set goals and climb harder, all in the name of fun!

Playground climbers are a great addition to any playground or as a standalone component. They can breathe new life into traditional playground equipment, with a design that is both fun and unique.

For more information about our playground climbers, connect with MVP Playgrounds today!

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