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Create High-Flying Adventures With Playground Swings From MVP Playgrounds

Swings are a staple to any playground while providing hours of fun, play, and physical activity for children of all ages and abilities.

MVP Playgrounds retails a broad collection of playground swings that are safe and available in a variety of models to accommodate playground inclusivity and joyful motion!

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Playground Swings Immersed In Fun

No playground is complete without the fun of swings! Swings carry a myriad of benefits for children that are cognitive, social, and physical, while providing an exciting and active environment that kids love. 

MVP Playgrounds is here as your ultimate playground resource guide — not only can we create a fun area of playground components for all ages and abilities, but adding swings to this area only adds more fun! 

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The Strategy Of Swings

We know why kids love swings, but why are adding swings a good choice for your facility? Whether you’re a small daycare, HOA, school, apartments, faith center, or parks and rec division, MVP Playgrounds have swing sets suitable for every playground size! 

Swings are a vital part of any playground because they provide kids with an additional area to play (to help spread them out), more options for physical activity, and another opportunity for all abilities to participate. 

When kids have more room to spread out and play in different areas, it keeps your playground safely moving and avoids bottlenecks and the hazard of accidents from overcrowding. 

Swings are the perfect addition to your playground!

The Many Benefits Of Swings

Behind the giggles, rambunctious play, and wide smiles found when children are swinging, is so much more happening under the surface. Swings provide cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits to kids, helping them grow and thrive.


When kids swing, there is a lot going on because they’re processing a lot of information at once. Kids benefit cognitively from swings because they do have to process this rapid information.
They’re learning body awareness (proprioception), problem-solving, autonomous thinking, and decision making.

Kids also use quite a bit of creativity and role-playing when swinging. Who remembers creating scenarios behind why you were swinging or the game that when you matched speeds when swinging you were “married”?


Can swings really have an emotional component to a child’s development? Absolutely! Swings may play a role in a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, how they work through new and difficult emotions (fear, anger, happiness, etc.), and the ability to release traumatic or stressful emotions.


Swinging is very physically active for kids and there is so much behind it all. As kids sit in the base of a swing, they’re using their fine motor skills for balancing on the wobbly structure and their gross motor skills when they begin to gain speed from pumping their legs. Additionally, they get the physical benefits by enhancing their lung and heart function.

Beyond The Fun And Games Of Swings

Swing sets complement your commercial playground in so many ways, both in the fun that kids have and in the emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits they provide. At the end of the day, their time spent on swings and the playground can leave them happily exhausted, which means a restful and full night of sleep for everyone in the house!

MVP Playgrounds make everyone happy through our commercial swings and playgrounds — from the facility that plans to build a beautiful playground to the parents and caregivers that will thank you for it!

Begin Choosing Your Swings Today With MVP Playgrounds

Curious as to what swingset is appropriate for your facility? Let the playground experts at MVP Playgrounds steer you in the right direction! Choose from large swing sets that accommodate larger facilities to a single swing set that is ideal for smaller playground areas.

When you choose any playground equipment from MVP Playgrounds, you’re always getting the highest quality materials and safety-rated components. Our swings are durable and long-lasting, for a swing set that will keep up with kids even as they grow.

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