HOA Playground Structures

Playground Solutions for your HOA!  

Make the neighborhood playground the heart of your living community with new playground structures from MVP Playgrounds!


Choose from a wide selection of safe, durable, and affordable playground equipment!

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The best gatherings happen at the playground! Create the social hub of your neighborhood with the following playground equipment and independent play structures!

Create a neighborhood with a playground at the heart! 

A playground isn’t just a place for kids to roam, but it serves as a community meeting area! Get to know your neighbors and build a strong community at your local HOA park!

Hang out with other parents and talk about all things kids or kick back and relax plan a couples movie night or your upcoming summer block party! 


Our playground structures are built with your neighborhood HOA in mind! 


Enhanced Amenities

While pools and clubhouses are an amazing feature of any neighborhood, HOA playgrounds and parks help connect the perfect family-friend spirit of your neighborhood with age-appropriate and safe places to play. 

Customized Playground Options

Transform your neighborhood with an HOA playground that is tailored to you! Maybe you’d like more swings and less slides or wood chips surfacing instead of turf, however you want your playground to look, we can help!

Affordable HOA Playgrounds

Perhaps you don’t quite need a customized outdoor play structure but still want an affordable playground option — MVP Playgrounds can help you choose an HOA playground that makes sense for your neighborhood. From climbers and wave slides to accessories and overhead components, we have a playground for you!  

From enhanced amenities and customized playground options to affordable HOA playgrounds, learn more about an HOA playground for your neighborhood today!