Outdoor Structures and Equipment

From picnic tables to shade shelters, and beyond!

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Cultivate Fun and Build Upon Your Playground With Benches, Picnic Tables, Dog Parks, and Outdoor Sports Equipment With MVP Playgrounds!

MVP Playgrounds is the leader in outdoor fun! Not only do we supply the premier commercial playgrounds, but we have all the outdoor components for you to build the ultimate outdoor space!

Learn more about our playground and outdoor equipment for daycare facilities, churches, HOAs, parks and rec, and apartment complexes.

Transform your outdoor area with MVP Playgrounds!

  • Park Equipment
  • Benches
  • Picnic Tables
  • Litter Containers
  • Bike Racks
  • Dog Parks
  • And More!

Outdoor Structures and Equipment

Make playtime convenient with MVP Playgrounds!

Slides, swings, and other playground components are what create endless hours of fun for kids, but what about the in-between? While kids can play to their heart’s content, they have to take a break from time to time, and that’s exactly why we’ve created outdoor structures and equipment — to provide you with all the essentials beyond the playground!

Park Equipment

From our Downtown Bench to our Double Hump Bike Rack that accommodates up to five bikes, you can comfortably watch your kids play and have a safe place to secure your bikes. We also offer a variety of pedestal, round, square, and rectangular picnic benches, and trash receptacles that make every visit to the park a more enjoyable experience.


MVP Playgrounds has a broad array of benches available in different colors, styles, and sizes. Choose between backless benches and traditional benches with backs for additional comfort and support.

Picnic Tables

Our picnic tables are extremely versatile to accommodate any playground space. Choose from traditional rectangular picnic tables that are portable and can be easily used in different areas, to our round- and square-shaped picnic tables that appeal to a broad variety of playground styles.

Trash Receptacles

Keep the outdoors clean and your playground pristine with our easy and convenient trash receptacles that are large (32-gallon size) and include a covered top to prevent litter from overflowing.

Bike Racks

Help keep your playground area secure with an assortment of bike racks that are convenient and easy to use. Choose from bike racks that can accommodate just a single bike to our largest one that can hold up to nine bikes.

Dog Parks

A community park area isn’t complete without a dog park! At MVP Playgrounds, we have all the essentials your dog park needs including our Dog Run Through, Dog Hurdle, Stepping Pads, Dog Climb, and so much more! Begin building your dog park piece-by-piece or get it all in one of our dog park complete kits.

Shade Structures

Seek refuge from the sun or escape a passing rainstorm and provide your playground with a variety of shade structures that everyone can use. From large hip shades that can accommodate large groups, to umbrellas and sails that are comfortable and cozy.

Picnic Shelters

Avoid the elements and eat and relax in peace with picnic shelters that include hip shelters, gable shelters, and multi-sided shelters. Each of these areas accommodates small and large groups, with the option of adding more picnic shelters.

Cabanas, Pergolas, and Arbors

Create more shaded areas on-site in your playground area with our cabanas and pergolas. If you’re creating a raised-surface playground that you plan to fill with wood chips or other playground surfacing materials, keep everything trim and contained with our plastic borders. To keep everything ADA-compliant, choose from half-ramps or full-ramps that provide access to the playground.

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Create a playspace that all kids (and even adults) can enjoy with transitional outdoor equipment such as basketball hoops and soccer goals.

If your park has greenspace with a baseball diamond or other outdoor athletics, complete the area with bleachers that people can use and enjoy all the games from.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Design an outdoor gym where people can enjoy the great outdoors without having to be stuck in a stuffy indoor gym! At MVP Playgrounds, we have a variety of outdoor fitness equipment that incorporates a wide variety of bodyweight movements including pull-ups, dips, sit-ups, etc..

Outdoor Fun With MVP Playgrounds!

No matter what your budget is, MVP Playgrounds can help you find outdoor structures that are cost-effective and fit perfectly with your playground design!

Reach out to us today for more information!

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