School Playground Equipment

Incite fun and play while encouraging healthy growth and development in kids!  

Playground equipment is a great chance for kids to get out and move their bodies all while giving our teachers a much needed break! Not only does commercial playground equipment provide enjoyable exercise, but it facilitates social interaction and age-appropriate ways to explore play!


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Why choose MVP Playgrounds for your next outdoor school playground?

Modernize and revitalize your school playground today!

Play has no age limits, and at MVP Playgrounds we supply quality school playground equipment for all! With a wide variety of playground components including slides and climbers, we have school playground options for all abilities that are inclusive to all kids!


Beyond the Classroom…

A vital part of a child’s development is physical activity — not only does research point to better classroom behavior and academic performance but it also aids in their social development, fostering healthier, happier environments.  


The Benefits of Kids Being Active at School

We all know how it feels to sit in a classroom or at a desk all day — our brains get foggy and we get fidgety. The same is true for kids. When they’re able to get physical activity throughout the day, it greatly benefits them.

Physical activity improves motor skills and cognitive function.

The more kids are able to explore play with the help of school playgrounds, they can better understand how their bodies move and function including locomotor skills and object control. 

Cognitive development in areas such as academic achievement, language, working memory, and attention, have all been attributed as a benefit to physical activity. 

Physical activity boosts classroom behavior!

When kids are able to get a little more movement in, it reduces the amount of classroom management by the teacher and improves the overall behavior in the classroom. 

Physical Activity and Children with Disabilities

More and more commercial playground companies are revolutionizing how to incorporate play for all abilities, making play inclusive to all kids! 

When kids with disabilities are able to play, we know it improves their overall quality of life as well. 

Research has found that kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show improved communication and social interaction with structured physical activity, in addition, those with cerebral palsy (CP) have improved pain levels and better gross motor skills.   

At the end of the day, active kids do better in school when physical activity plays a role in their daily life!

At MVP Playgrounds, we help kids get active by providing a variety of commercial playgrounds and playground components for them to explore!


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