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Get Refuge From The Elements

The hot sun or a slight drizzle doesn’t have to be the end of your day of fun at the playground! MVP Playgrounds curates the leading shade structures that provide shelter from the elements, allowing you to come and go with ease, for the ultimate playground experience! 

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All Day Fun With Shade Structures From MVP Playgrounds

4 Benefits of Shade Structures

The Difference A Little Shade Can Make

Not only do MVP Playgrounds create fun and long-lasting commercial playgrounds, but we thrive in the details too! It’s the little things, such as playground shade structures that make all the difference.

These playground coverings can be placed over an entire playground structure, implemented as partial cover, or for an area separate from the playground. Full and partial playground shade structures help keep kids cool and protected while they’re playing, while other coverings are available as a place for visitors, spectators, and kids to have a spot to relax out of the elements — a great snack or lunch spot!

Make your commercial playground the spot to be with a full range of playground amenities including shade structures. It creates an environment and experience that parents, caretakers, and kids will all appreciate.

Outdoor Shade Structures — A Must In Your Commercial Playground Investment

When it comes to commercial playgrounds there is a wide variety of playground components you can choose to truly make a customized playground for your facility. From swings and climbers to playground accessibility and playground surfacing, there is a great deal of planning that goes into creating your playground. 

A shade structure plays just as important a role as other playground components when developing your commercial playground and should be prioritized in the design process. 

Enhanced Safety

There is a good reason why you never see metal playground equipment anymore — it gets extremely hot and can burn tiny hands and legs. And while high-quality plastics and coatings do a much better job at keeping the playground components cool, a shade structure offers the ultimate protection. Kids stay cool and the risk of burning themselves on the equipment is drastically reduced.  

More Playtime & Usability

As much as kids could play all day in the sun, at some point they need a break to avoid dehydration, sunburn, and heat exhaustion. Sails, shades, and umbrellas reduce the heat in the commercial playground area, so kids and caregivers can stay and play longer.

Improved Longevity 

A lasting commercial playground is a highly sought after feature, especially because they’re such a large investment. Get a better return on investment and improve the longevity with shade structures. Outdoor coverings protect your playground from excessive sun and heat damage and wear and tear from fading.

Quality & Performance Shade Structures

MVP Playgrounds accommodates a wide variety of commercial playground areas with high-quality shade structures that are both functional and stylish. With UV-stabilized materials and high-density polyethylene plastics, you get the utmost durability, strength, and protection from the sun’s rays. 

Expertly customize your outdoor area with a collection of sails, shades, and umbrellas that can be incorporated to fit the needs of your space. 

Hip Shade Structures

Hip shades come in a broad array of sizes, to fit any commercial playground space flawlessly. With clean lines, this shade structure creates a traditional look, while protecting the kids and playground equipment.  

Sail Structures

Sail structures create a fun visual and can be placed fully or partially over a commercial playground area. Install at different heights to better accommodate the playground components.


Umbrellas are great for both partially covering a playground and for an area that visitors and kids can relax on benches or picnic tables.

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Create The Best Outdoor Shade With MVP Playgrounds

Better serve your community with a shade structure that makes visiting the playground all the more fun and enjoyable. Whether you have an existing playground or you’re currently planning a playground, transform the space and protect the people and equipment with shade structures. 

A shade structure keeps everyone cool and comfortable and it’s the perfect place to wait out a brief storm, so you can continue to enjoy time outside. 

Collaborate with MVP Playgrounds for the best shade structures in the industry. With high-quality materials, fun colors, and unique aesthetics, you’ll have a beautifully functional shade area that improves the playground experience for everyone. 

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