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Different Types of Shade Structures for Your Landscape

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Playground being shaded by big blue umbrellas

With the playground being a place for kids to come and play, their safety should be the top priority. Some may overlook safety when it comes to protecting children from the sun and other harsh elements. At MVP Playgrounds, we don’t overlook this element, as we offer multiple types of shade structures made just for playgrounds and other outdoor leisure spaces. Plus, our shades are designed with aesthetics in mind, so they are pleasing to the eye in addition to being high-quality and adding an extra layer of safety. Whether you need a shade structure installed in your park, playground, school, or other space, we’re here to help. Learn more about each of the shade structures that we offer — hip shades, umbrellas, and sails — and then contact us today for pricing!  

Hip Shades

Hip shade structures are among the most popular and versatile types of shade structures suitable for providing shade for both large and small areas. They often feature a clean slanted or straight roofline. The slanted roofline makes a hip shade effective for providing protection from inclement weather and the sun. Rain, sleet, or snow will roll off the sides of the shade structures. Hip shades can be installed individually or in a multi-panel setup. They can also be installed as jointed or extended structures. You have the option of having the shade supported by four columns or two. Available shapes include square hip, hexagon hip, or rectangular.

Blue hip shades for an outdoor seating area by MVP Playgrounds
Green umbrella shade from MVP Playgrounds_


Umbrellas are aesthetically simple but efficient shade structures that provide UV protection at a fraction of the cost of other shade structures. They typically feature a single steel post that is mounted at the center or on the side of the umbrella, giving it a cantilevered appearance. They make a great choice of coverage for benches in a recreational area, doggy parks at home, daycare sandboxes, and pretty much any other space that needs a 4-6 feet shade offset. Umbrella structures are also an ideal choice for areas where underground utilities will make the installation of other types of shade structures impossible.


If you are looking for a shade structure that offers great flexibility, or you’re going for a unique aesthetic design or custom layout, sail shade structures might be an ideal choice for you. They also have a practical design that allows installation in areas where columns can only be placed in specific or irregular places. Sail shades are often installed in country clubs, outdoor dining places, city parks, and other areas. While many models are susceptible to water pooling on them which might lead to slacking or breakage, you can have your sail installed with water-resistant HDPE mesh fabric which allows water to run off the material given the right slope.

Blue triangular sail shade installed at a playground by MVP Playgrounds
Single column umbrella shade for outdoor play areas by MVP Playgrounds

Need Help Picking the Right Shade?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick out the perfect shade structure for your playground or other outdoor space. At MVP Playgrounds, we’re the experts when it comes to choosing the right type of shade. If you need help picking from our hip shades, umbrellas, and sails, contact us today. If your budget is an issue, we can work with you. For direct pricing quotes, call (303) 645-4213 today.

 If you need design inspiration and help choosing shapes, material, and colors, we’d be glad to help you there as well. Get in touch with our team today to get started designing your custom shade structures.

Get Your Desired Shade Structures

Ready to get your shade structure custom designed, created, and installed for your playground or other outdoor space? Contact us today! Our shade structures can be installed for you in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes, including sails, umbrellas, and hip shades. Browse our collections to see the different ways these shade structures can be installed for you. Get in touch with MVP Playgrounds to help create the perfect shade structure for your location.

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