The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Playground Components

There is a vast world of exploration when it comes to the elaborateness of commercial playground equipment — let’s explore together!

If you're planning and organizing commercial playground equipment it can be a complex task to take on, and while there are many factors to consider, the very basics of outdoor playground planning is knowing what it is you need. With that, you need to know the playground components by name.

In the commercial playground equipment industry, there is no such thing as just a slide, so for clarity, communication, and planning a knock-out commercial playground, you’ll need to know a little about each component.

What Is A Playground Component?

Commercial Playground Components

Playground components can be broken into different categories, so let’s explore them below!
Commercial Playground Components:


Playground accessories may not be the main feature of your playset, but they are an integral part to the success of a well-designed commercial playground

Steering Wheels

A steering wheel or ship’s wheel is a commercial playground accessory that you’ll find both on the ground level and located on different tiers of the playground. It is exactly as it sounds, a movable wheel where kids’ imaginations can run wild!

A steering wheel is a great accessory for all abilities and inclusive to all. Kids are able to play together or alone while enhancing their cognitive and social skills.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have steering wheels including:


Typically located on the ground level of playground equipment, the storefront is not only ADA accessible and compliant for all abilities, it creates a space for interactive play and budding social skills.

The storefront is identifiable by a large panel with a square in the middle where kids can play from both sides.
Watch kids learn about cooperation and communication with a storefront feature on your commercial playground equipment.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have storefronts including:


Kids play hard and sometimes they need a space just for themselves to sit and relax. A bench is the perfect accessory to have on your commercial outdoor playground when kids need to take a breather. Located on the ground level, this commercial playground component is inclusive to all kids.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have benches including:

Ball Maze Panel

The ball maze panel is an accessory that sits at the ground level and is ADA compliant for all kids while they work together or alone to move the metal ball and complete the maze puzzle.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have ball maze panels including:


Wright Plains

Positioned like stepping stones on the ground level, the pebble climber takes kids to the next playground tier. Kids can practice balance and teamwork while scaling the pebble climber.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have pebble climbers including:


Get a fusion of fun imaginative play while creating a love for music! This is exactly what the bongos provide. Set at the ground level, there are two different-sized plastic bongos that kids can have a blast on.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have bongos including:

Commercial Playground Components:


Speedy, exhilarating, and a kids’ favorite playground component, slides are the foundation of any well-designed commercial playground. Slides are more than just an afternoon of fun, they provide development opportunities to practice balance, cooperation, coordination, and problem-solving.

MVP Playgrounds has a wide variety of playsets with slides that range in color, height, and style for the ultimate play experience for kids!

Spiral Slide

If you’re ready for your kids to go gaga for outdoor play, a spiral slide is the perfect playground component! Great for problem-solving and elevating coordination and balance, kids will have hours of fun speeding down this slide.

Many of our commercial playgrounds have spiral slides including:

Straight Slides

Nothing is more traditional than straight slides, which are featured on many of our commercial playgrounds. They’re great for all ages and for those who aren’t quite ready for other playset components. Our straight slides are comprised of high-quality plastic and feature a wide, open bottom for improved safety.

Find our straight slides on the following commercial playgrounds:

Wave Slides

Ride the wave on our single and double wave slides that are featured on many of our commercial playgrounds! Kids love the experience as they feel each wave as they fly through the slide!

Find our wave slides on the following commercial playgrounds:

Right/Left Turn Slides

Get an unexpected thrill as your slide veers left or right — the kids love this! Right/left turn slides are a great addition to any commercial playground.

Find our right/left turn slides on the following commercial playgrounds:

Double Slide

Kids love a playground with double slides because they’re interactive as they race their friends to the bottom! Watch laughs brim over while the double slide keeps them busy for an afternoon!

Find our double slides on the following commercial playgrounds:

Commercial Playground Components:


MVP Playgrounds has built a variety of commercial playgrounds with overhead components to stretch and reach higher than ever before! Not only do overhead playground components introduce problem solving but they are great for developing key muscle groups, priming kids for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Watch kids challenge themselves in new ways while staying safe on our overhead components.

Overhead Straight Wrung Horizontal Ladder (Monkey Bars)

This playground component is one of the most timeless pieces to a playground — the monkey bars! Watch kids challenge themselves physically and metnally as they conquer this playground staple.

Monkey bars are included in the following MVP commercial playgrounds:

Overhead Single Parallel Bar Ladder

Watch kids explore their skills on this advanced overhead playground component. An uncommon piece, the overhead single parallel bar ladder is one that every child loves to try!

Find this commercial playground component in the following playsets:

90 Degree Overhead Trapezoid Loop Ladder

Curved monkey bars are what our 90 degree overhead trapezoid loop ladder component really is! Swing high and watch kids challenge themselves on the curved portion!

Find this commercial playground component in the following playsets:

Overhead Straight Swinging Rings

This playground component is for kids looking to swing around and challenge their bodies and minds in new ways! From pull ups to just monkeying around, this is a playground piece that is enticing to all who try!

Experience ring components on the following playgrounds:

Overhead Straight Snake Ladder

With a twist on classic monkey bars, the straight snake ladder cultivates fun and problem solving for those who brave them! Instead of straight pieces as seen in monkey bars, the straight snake ladder has left and right components that veer creating an “S” shape.

Find this playground component in the following:

Commercial Playground Components:


Arched Snake Climber

The arched snake climber takes kids from the ground level to the next platform with an arched bar that weaves an “S” shape guiding the climbers left or right. Watch kids’ resilency grow with this commercial playground component.

You can find the arched snake climber in the following playgrounds:

Snake Climbers

Similar to a traditional vertical ladder taking kids from the ground level to the next playground tier, the snake climber is all this with a twist! It is a piece that resembles a fireman's pole with an “S” shape complete with prong-type pieces on the right and left sides.

Climb away with the snake climber in the following playgrounds:

Arch Climber

The arch climber is a solid piece of a high-quality poly blend that is both challenging to the mind and body. Kids are able to use it to place their feet or hands in a shallow indent or a jug that sits out.

Experience the arch climber in the following playgrounds:

Pod Climber

The pod climber consists of vertically stacked circular, disc-like surfaces that bring kids from the ground level up to the next tier of the playground. Watch kids problem solve while challenging themselves physically.

Find the pod climber on our commercial playgrounds including:

Pixel Climber

The pixel climber is a playground component that consists of tetris-like pieces merges together as a fun way to get kids to the next part of the playground. Watch kids find new ways up as they try this over and over!

The pixel climber is in our following commercial playgrounds including:

Pea Pod Climber

Vertically stacked from platforms that veer from the right and left, make the pea pod climber a favorite commercial playground component for kids — watch as they explore new ways up every time!

Get the pea pod climber in our following commercial playgrounds:

Sea Creature Climber

From starfish to sea turtles, the arched sea creature climber is an adventure on the high seas and up onto the next playground platform.

Catch this commercial playground component on our following playgrounds:

Vertical Ladder

The vertical ladder is a classic climbing component that takes kids from the ground level to the next platform. Watch kids conquer fears and problem solve on this commercial playground component.

Find the vertical ladder in the following playgrounds:

Inverted Arch Ladder

The inverted arch ladder is a climber similar to the vertical ladder, except it’s more of an easy transition for those who are getting their flooring on climbing components. Kids can gradually make their way from the ground level to the next platform.
Find the inverted arch ladder in the following playgrounds:

Rock Hole Climber

Stir the inner rock climber with this playground component! Laid out as a rock slide, the rock hole climber helps kids reach new heights or a new platform on the playground equipment.

Find this cascade of rocks on the following playground equipment:

Figure Climber

Set at an angle, the figure climber likens to a small rock climbing area. This component is perfect for kids to help boost their climbing confidence. Watch them climb from the ground level to the next area platform.

The figure climber can be found on the following commercial playgrounds including:

Craggy Climber

The craggy climber playground equipment is rare and uncommon so when kids spot it, you can bet that’s where they’ll be all day! This is a tall, curved structure that allows them to safely climb and explore new things all while staying protected.

Experience a climbing wall in the following commercial playgrounds:

Spiral Climber

The spiral climber is a highlight for kids because it’s exhilarating and allows them to be interactive and engaged with each other. The long, slow spiral guides them towards the next platform — kids can spend time going round and round or take each rung like a ladder!

The spiral climber is featured on the following playgrounds:

Commercial Playground Equipment From MVP Playgrounds!

Embarking on purchasing new commercial playground equipment is quite a feat which is why it’s vital to know exactly what you’re after — down to each playground component.

When it comes to commercial playground equipment and the individual playset components that help create outdoor fun for schools, daycares, churches, HOAs, developers, and city parks, MVP Playgrounds is your number one resource and retailer!

Take inventory on what you need, the space you have, and any special playground components you may want and partner with us for the leading commercial playground equipment today!