4 Types of Commercial Playground Equipment to Choose From

Pick the right type of playground for your organization with help from MVP Playgrounds!

MVP Playgrounds is the number one provider of commercial playground equipment across the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We offer every playground structure you can imagine for kids across every age bracket! Today, we’re sharing the four types of commercial playgrounds you can choose from when you choose MVP Playgrounds as your commercial playground equipment provider.

playground structure

Playground Structures

Our playground structures are specially designed to provide hours of endless fun for children aged from 6 months to 12 years old. Imagine the excitement on children’s faces as they see our playground structures for the first time! Our designs have endless features to nurture your child’s development while feeding their need for play and adventure.

Swing Sets

Swing sets are the foundation of a great play area. From our Elite Single Post Swing, a fabulous playground swing meant to entertain and engage kids of all ages, to our Elite Arch Post Swing featuring four swing bays, our swing sets are perfect for associations seeking to prioritize play in their outdoor space. Let MVP Playgrounds help you choose the right swing set today!

child swinging on a swingset
children playing on playground

Independent Play

It truly is the extras that make a park memorable. I bet you still remember your favorite park from your childhood. Whether your parks have a theme or your design is more freestyle in nature, adding in independent play features ensures that your playground ticks all the boxes when it comes to fostering a child’s development. Independent play features like spring riders and seesaws are perfect additions to any play area.


Let’s face it; kids love to climb things, and having a climber-based playground can create an added level of excitement to a child’s playtime. Allowing children the chance to climb, jump, and engage all four limbs ensures that kids are making the most of their playtime. Kids love playgrounds that feature complex climbers that challenge them to think differently.

child on a playground rock wall

Order Commercial Playground Equipment Today!

MVP Playgrounds knows how to create an epic playground that challenges and engages children while stimulating play! Check us out today to shop our current lineup of commercial playground equipment and start bringing your playground designs to life. MVP Playgrounds has the commercial playground equipment you’re after, no matter how small or large of facility you are.