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Swing, climb, and slide with the leading commercial playgrounds and equipment from MVP Playgrounds!

MVP Playgrounds provides schools, HOAs, apartment complexes, churches, daycare facilities, parks and rec, and beyond, with premier commercial playgrounds that are fun, safe, and durable. 

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Build Your Next Playground With MVP Playgrounds!

Creating a playground that kids will love begins with a few essentials such as choosing where your playground will go, creating a budget for your future playground, deciding on exactly what type of playground components will be needed, and choosing a playground retailer that’s right for you

Once the basics are in order, you can explore what playground sets and equipment MVP Playgrounds have to offer! 

Quick Ship

Expedite your commercial playground with a variety of options from our quick ship collection. These playgrounds are packed and ready to be shipped today!

Choose from our modest size playgrounds such as the Patrick and the Tom, or larger playgrounds such as the Aaron and the Mookie.

Playground Packages

If you’re looking to build one exclusive outdoor area with not only a commercial playground but other features such as a dog park or picnic shelters, we’ve combined our best-selling playgrounds and outdoor equipment into a variety of playground packages. 


From traditional swingsets and early childhood swings to a combination of both, we carry a swing configuration that is a perfect addition to any commercial playground area!

For smaller playground spaces, we have both single-post and triple-post (tripod) bays with two swings each, up to four bays with eight swings total for larger playground environments. We even offer a fun and exciting tire swing that is often the draw of the playground!

Spring Riders

Spring riders are all-inclusive and wonderful for smaller children. Choose from a variety of exciting shapes, colors, and animals that kids will get a kick out of! There’s Benny Bulldozer, Harry Hooper Fun, Charlie Chomper, and more! 


MVP Playgrounds has a broad array of climbers for those who like to reach new heights! Choose from our climber playground installments such as the Spider Web and Three-panel Cyclone Challenger or our larger pieces including Craggy Peak and the Three-Panel Rope Challenger.  

Get Physical

Our Get Physical collection from MVP Playgrounds features an assortment of climbers and other thrilling obstacles that are great for enhancing and encouraging physical play and problem-solving skills. For a new twist on playground equipment, check out Rio Vista, Lava Tree, or Lock Haven for innovative playtime! 

Playground Surfacing

Playground surfacing is vital to keeping kids safe and protected as they play and aids in cushioning any falls that may occur. MVP Playgrounds provides an assortment of playground surfacing including:

  • Artificial turf
  • Grass  mats
  • Pea Gravel
  • Rubber mulch
  • Wood chips
  • Pour-in-place rubber

Borders and Ramps

If your playground is a mixed-surface and borders grass or another material, playground borders help contain the gravel, wood chips, etc for a clean and trim appearance.

Playground ramps are also an important investment because they keep your playground accessible and ADA-compliant so that all kids can play!  

MVP Playgrounds is a comprehensive commercial playground supplier that can help you create your vision, right down to pouring the rubber padding for opening week — we can do it all!

For more information about pricing or about getting started, connect with us today!


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