Apartment Outdoor Play Equipment

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Many people call apartments home, so it’s important to provide the children living in this community a safe and fun place to play. At MVP PLaygrounds, we supply quality and affordable outdoor play equipment for apartment complexes.

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The benefits of outdoor play equipment for your apartment complex include:

  • Increased value
  • Attracting more families
  • Creating community
  • Enhanced healthy living
  • Inviting amenities

Outdoor Play Equipment For Apartment Complexes


Apartment complexes are an affordable option for many families, so it’s an integral part to provide comfortable, family-friendly residences that all ages can enjoy, and this begins with bountiful outdoor space. 


Because apartments are smaller spaces, children need the great outdoors to stretch their legs and burn off all of their energy, and a playground on the apartment grounds is the perfect way to do so! 


If you’re looking to update your outdoor play equipment or are building a new playground from the ground up, we recommend you check out some of our resources to help you get started. 


Our most trusted resources include:



The Benefits of Outdoor Play Equipment at Apartment Complexes


Apartment playgrounds provide so many opportunities and benefits to your living community. Let’s explore them more in-depth below. 


Increased Value


You can look at this concept through many lenses — yes, tenants are more likely to spend more money on an apartment complex that has this amenity but it’s not just a monetary benefit to you as the property owner, the increased value can also be in the quality of life for your tenants!


Attract More Families


Outdoor play equipment and areas attract more families, there’s no doubt about it because it gives kids the freedom to be outside while providing parents and caregivers the peace of mind of them being close. 


An apartment playground will help your facility stand out and attract more families to the area. 


Create Community


Playgrounds can be tools for social interaction, creating community with the other residents. It’s vital to create a space where people can gather and get to know the people around them — this builds a sense of community where people can look after each other, and this is great as a property owner because it will often stick around longer. 


Healthy Living


When kids, and even adults, have access to a playground and outdoor play equipment, it provides them with the opportunity that fosters physical activity. 


Healthy living is a crucial part of our wellness — we need the outdoors for not only physical benefits, but for emotional, cognitive, and social advantages as well. At the end of the day, a playground will make you happier!


Inviting Amenities


The more amenities you can provide potential tenants the more they will be drawn to your complex, and outdoor play equipment is a great amenity that draws families. Not only are you providing great amenities, but you’re keeping up with the local competition and not only will you draw more renters but current tenants are more likely to renew their leases. 


Apartment Playgrounds - MVP PLaygrounds


If you’re ready to begin the journey of new outdoor play equipment at your apartment complex, MVP Playgrounds can help you get started. 


We have a diverse inventory that can accommodate any budget and size — from the larger scale playground, Stan, to the more compact, Matt, there is an option for your apartment complex. 


Connect with us today for more information on our outdoor play equipment for apartments.