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MVP Playgrounds provides a collection of ramps and borders, making outdoor fun available for everyone. Made from high-quality materials and crafted to last, these commercial playground products connect kids to the playground, no matter the ability.

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Inclusive play is play for all abilities, and it’s integral to implement when planning for your new commercial playground. Playground equipment is more innovative today than it ever has been, and there are a wide variety of playground components that are accessible for every child. 

MVP Playgrounds ensures that our playground equipment is inclusive to kids with different intellectual, mobility, and emotional needs, beginning with ramps and borders. Whether your commercial playground is for schools, HOAs, apartments, churches, childcare, or parks and rec, we have the leading playground equipment for every need. And, our team can make customizations to give you a playground that truly reflects your community. 

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Playground Borders

Playground borders play a multi-functional role in commercial playgrounds. Depending on what playground surfacing material you select, will determine whether or not your playground will require a border. Typically playgrounds that implement loose-fill playground surfacing such as pea gravel, rubber mulch, or wood chips, will need a playground border to keep it in place. This is an important safety aspect, in addition to keeping the playground area more clean and tidy. Keeping walkways clear of debris from the loose-fill playground surfacing not only prevents safety issues such as falling and tripping, but it creates an inclusive and accessible path for those in wheelchairs or other mobility devices. 

Borders can also be incorporated to section off different play spaces to create a physical and visual border for play areas that are designated for different age groups. This can help parents and caregivers identify an appropriate play area for their child. 

At MVP Playgrounds, we retail plastic playground borders varying in size, shape, and color. They’re extremely durable in all weather conditions and are low-maintenance — simply spray with water to clean them up.   

ADA Playground Ramps

Playground ramps create an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can play together. Ramps allow those with mobility devices to access the playground area, especially in playgrounds that are raised. Kids can independently access this space, via a playground ramp, and enjoy fun and inclusive playground components that allow everyone outdoor play.

MVP Playgrounds distributes well-made and high-quality playground ramps that you can trust and rely on — safety is our top priority! We never settle for good enough because play should be accessible to everyone. With our uncompromising approach to commercial playgrounds, we can work with you to create a tailored playground area that best serves your community.

ADA Playground Equipment

Playground manufacturers are required to adhere to safety and accessibility standards outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). At MVP Playgrounds, we prioritize inclusive playground equipment and components, working towards more than just the minimum standards by offering a wide variety of accessibility for all.

As we curate our commercial playground product line, ADA-compliant playground components and products make the top of our list. We ensure to provide our customers with accessible options for those with different abilities that they can benefit and thrive from.

Curious About Creating A More Inclusive Playground?

Whether you’re planning and budgeting a brand new commercial playground or you’d like to add additional play structures to your area, MVP Playgrounds can collaborate with you to customize a more inclusive playground for those with a wide range of abilities. From ramps and borders to playground equipment that features ADA-compliant and inclusive features, we’re here to support you and create a playground that everyone can enjoy.

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What Makes A Playground Inclusive And Accessible?

When you look at a commercial playground, it doesn’t appear to be accessible to all abilities. And while this was very true in the past, commercial playground manufacturers have made great strides to create inclusive play that everyone can enjoy. Most notably, an inclusive playground will have a variety of ground-level playground components that are accessible to everyone. From a ship’s wheel and gear panel to tic-tac-toe and a storefront, these are components for all children, across all ability levels.

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