How Do I Find A Reputable Commercial Playground Company

Finding a trustworthy playground equipment provider is easier than you think!

MVP Playgrounds deliver high-quality commercial playgrounds and outdoor recreational equipment that keep your child safe while helping nurture their development. Today we’re looking at how you can find a playground equipment provider that you can trust.

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Look At Their History

In the early stages of finding a commercial playground provider, it’s best practice to research the history of not only the company you’re currently investigating but their closest competitors as well. Spend a bit of time looking around the website of the playground company you want to evaluate. Do they have quality pictures of their equipment? Reviews? How do the prices compare?

Check For Accessible Contact Details

Check the ownership and contact details of the playground company you’re investigating. A company with nothing to hide will have no problem giving an address, a current phone number, or feature an "About Us" page relaying the company background. If you’re unable to access any of the above information, think twice about hiring them for your playground creation.

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Check With The Better Business Bureau

The BBB keeps a sizable list of companies, online and otherwise, along with information on a business’s reputation and complaint history. A company does not need to be a member of BBB to appear in its database. This is an invaluable way to find genuine reviews from customers who have experienced service from these companies.

Ask Your Contacts

If you know others in your network who have purchased commercial playground equipment, see who they’ve worked with and whether they had a good experience. You can also ask the business itself for references or reviews.

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