Craggy Mountain

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Product Description

Kids love activities that let them go on adventures through their imaginations, and caretakers love when kids stay active and healthy during playtime, while burning off plenty of energy. This Craggy Mountain structure is sure to satisfy everyone. Its climbing walls have a realistic rocky texture that will make kids feel as though they are scaling the sides of deep cliffs and ravines, all from the safety of their playground. Meanwhile, they will be exercising their arm and leg muscles with every new step that they reach for. The climbing walls have sections of metal climbers in between them, which lengthen the walls and give kids some even more varied climbing surfaces to enjoy. The metal climber in the middle of the structure has wavy bars for some wacky footing. A selection of different color options for the various elements of the Craggy Mountain let you personalize it your way.

Additional information

Age Range

5-12 years

Fall Height

7' 5"

Safety Zone

19' x 34'