Poseidon’s Hideout

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Product Description

Give your playground a splash of undersea fun with Poseidon’s Hideout. This new play structure has an arched shape that children can crawl under or climb on top of. The outer sides have flat ridges which make it easy to climb, and the top is broad enough for children to sit on it, or stand up and ‘surf the wave’. For more nautical nonsense they can plunge into the murky depths, either by crawling through the entrance of the tunnel or diving through one of the holes on either side. There, they will be greeted by the friendly faces of smiling sea creatures. The detailed 3D images on the underside of the tunnel contain fish, coral, and even octopi, which children can feel as well as see. The tunnel has a clearance of about three feet, allowing youngsters to navigate it with ease. It can be ordered in either blue or tan colors.

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Custom, Neutral, Primary

Age Range

2-12 years

Fall Height

3' 4"

Safety Zone

20' x 22'