The Benefits Of Playgrounds Versus Video Games

The playground is the ideal spot for children to play and explore. Playgrounds provide a secure space for children to explore their surroundings, and use their creativity. This is because children are free to play, climb, and try new things without fear of repercussions. Playgrounds also allow grownups to relive their childhood. 

On the other hand, too many video games can lead to sedentary behavior that robs children of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, as well as creativity and imagination. Video game downsides include addiction and violence, some video may even encourage violence. 

The Benefits Of Playgrounds In Comparison To Video Games Are:

Increased Bonding With Parents

Children frequently ask to play with their parents. Sharing experiences, such as a child asking for help on the monkey bars or building a city in the sandbox, fosters a strong emotional link and a sense of trust between parents and their children.

Improved Capacity For In-Depth Analysis

Children who believe in their potential are inclined to place themselves in situations where they must utilize problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They gain insight into an in-depth analysis of what approaches are practical.

Leadership Ability

Natural leaders tend to emerge on playgrounds. One kid may be terrific at laying out the guidelines for play, while another is great at forming teams or constructing the challenge course. Children of all ages can work together on their leadership skills through play.

Obesity Reduction

Most parents know that their children spend a large portion of their waking hours in front of a screen, be it a TV, computer, or video game console. Children’s physical and mental health can benefit from spending at least an hour a day playing outside, and doing so can help minimize childhood obesity.

Improving Academic Performance

Your parents undoubtedly made you finish schoolwork before letting you play as a kid. However, even 20 minutes of outside play activity can help a child focus and accomplish schoolwork. When the kids get home, send them outside to play. It helps kids release stress and anger so they can focus on their academics.

Finally, great parks suit the needs of everyone, from the elderly to the children, who can read a book or play on a swing set. Creating diverse playgrounds and parks requires incorporating features for all ages.For more information about our playground and park equipment, please call MVP Playgrounds at 303-944-8767.

Ken Cosper