Three Reasons Your Facility Needs A Dog Park

Create the ultimate community space with a dog park from MVP Playgrounds!

From a local park or outdoor space to a neighborhood HOA or apartment complex, a dog park is advantageous for the community it serves. We know that 48% of US households own one dog or more and of those, millennials make up the largest percentage of those who own a pet. 

Since millennials are waiting longer to embrace homeownership compared to generations past, dog parks are a growing necessity to accommodate proud pet parents. Beyond that, dog parks are a wise investment and community engagement piece — they bring people (and pets) together. 

MVP Playgrounds retails the nation’s best dog park equipment — from independent play structures to dog park kits — you can create a tailored dog park based on the size and location of your outdoor space. Learn more about why every outdoor space needs a dog park in today’s post. 

Trendy Amenity

When it comes to drawing folks to your neighborhood or community, there are many things people look for including safety and school ratings, but more and more, it’s the features and amenities that draw them in. 

Dog parks are just one trendy amenity that people are looking for when they decide to move into the neighborhood. Having a dog park within a short distance means there’s always a place for their pooch to get out and frolic.     


Outdoor spaces generally draw people, but it’s not always super engaging when trying to build community. Dog parks, on the other hand, bring dogs and people together. You may only haphazardly talk to people about dog stuff at first, but in no time you’ll be inviting dog park people over for a BBQ. 

This is also vital to the community because you’ll exchange information about vets and local businesses alike, which is great for the local economy and community overall. 

Pups Only

A dog park is a sanctuary for dogs to roam free and off-leash, a place where anywhere else in town it’s typically not allowed. When your area provides a place for dogs to run around, it supports community safety because dogs have a place of their own. 

Components Of A Quality Dog Park

We now know why a dog park is a beneficial investment for your outdoor space, but where do you get started figuring out what you need? MVP Playgrounds offers a little guidance below!

Size & Location

From a dog park in the heart of the city that needs space-saving components to larger areas, MVP Playgrounds has a solution that your furry friends can all agree on. Know your location and the community to better understand how many dogs it will draw — is it on a busy corner or in a well-populated neighborhood, or is it on the outskirts of town? 

Independent Pup Amenities

No matter the size, you can always build your dog park as you go by adding independent pup products — a jump here or a dog crawl there — begin with one for a more interesting dog park that keeps the dogs interested and active. 

Dog Course Kits

If you’re ready to dive in for the full dog park experience, try a dog course kit. MVP Playgrounds has a dog park kit for whatever size you need — small, medium, or large. Each kit comes with a variety of activities for dogs and other dog park amenities such as leash stations and grooming areas to make it easier for dog owners.  

Create An All-Encompassing Outdoor Area With MVP Playgrounds

Beyond our broad collection of commercial dog park equipment, MVP Playgrounds can outfit your entire outdoor space, for an area that is comfortable and inviting to all. 

While people enjoy the dog park, they can also take their family over to the playground and swing and slide with their kids. After a couple of hours of fun, congregate in a picnic structure for a snack or lunch. 

Anything missing from your vision? We also retail outdoor sports and fitness equipment — there is truly something for everyone in your community when you partner with MVP Playgrounds! 

Ready to get started? So are we! Connect with MVP Playgrounds to discuss your next dog park or outdoor venture!