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MVP Playgrounds has the commercial playground equipment you’re after, no matter how small or large of facility you are. 

We’ve created beautifully designed playgrounds for schools, churches, daycare centers, city playgrounds, and more. 

Not only do we deliver high-quality commercial playgrounds and outdoor recreational equipment, but we also provide turnkey project management services that oversee the design and build of your new playground. 

Begin your playground journey with MVP Playgrounds today!

Find Refuge From The Rays

Discover Shade Structures For Your Site!

MVP Playgrounds retails high-quality shade structures that are perfect for any outdoor site. Provide patrons with a break from the sun while creating a comfortable shaded outdoor space where they can relax and escape the elements. 

From hip shades and umbrellas to sails, MVP Playgrounds has a functional and appealing selection of shade structures for every environment. 

Let kids be kids and foster more outdoor fun and longer play sessions with a place where kids and adults can take a breather, and then get back to the fun.

Single Column Umbrella

Commercial Playground Equipment & More


Playground Surfacing

Playground Borders & Ramps

Dog Park Structures & Equipment

Shade Structures

Complement your new commercial playground with a variety of fun, enriching, and protective playground amenities.

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Welcome to MVP Playgrounds


The great outdoors is a place for kids to be kids — to run around and be wild and free, and playground equipment plays a large role in their fun!

At MVP Playgrounds, we offer online commercial playground equipment to schools, parks, HOAs, and developers with a broad selection to have everything your space needs.

Choose from a variety of styles and colors today!

Watch kids have fun while knowing they're safe on our outdoor playground equipment!

Playgrounds are a place where kids can develop new skills, make new friends, and enjoy the sunshine, so outdoor playground equipment needs to be both entertaining for kids, and cater to their safety.

There are many factors to consider when creating your new outdoor playground, but know that you can trust in the safety, durability, and reliability in playground equipment when you partner with us!


Turnkey Project Management Services






Parks & Rec

Apartment Associations

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Certifications And Standards


The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association provides third party certifications on play equipment. MVP Playgrounds works with IPEMA certified manufacturers to ensure the safety of your MVPs at play. Visit ipema.org for more information on their standards.


ASTM International is an organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of materials and products. The ASTM has over 12,000 standards that MVP Playgrounds, and companies we work with, follow. Visit astm.org for more information.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an organization of the US government that provides the public with up to date safety performance reports of products. MVP Playgrounds works with manufacturers that are constantly up to date with new and existing products. For more information, visit cpsc.gov.

CPSI Training

The Certified Playground Safety Inspector program, under the direction of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), offers individuals extensive training on up-to-date standards for playground safety. At MVP Playgrounds, half of our staff are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. We take safety seriously and ensure the products we put in your MVPs play place are secure and up to standard. For more information, visit https://www.nrpa.org/certification/CPSI/.

Quality Playground Equipment

At MVP Playgrounds, it is a pillar to our success to provide schools, city parks, HOAs, and developers with the leading commercial playground equipment.

Apart from our wide selection, quality, and unbeatable prices, you can rely on the safety of our playground equipment.

Partner with us for your next recreational playground installment.   

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