4 Ways To Elevate Your Commercial Playground’s Aesthetics

Create a warm, inviting, and fun space for kids and caretakers!

Have you ever been excited to visit a city park, only to find out that it does not live up to the picture you saw or the description you read? Seeing a park overrun with weeds, worn-out equipment, or caked-on dirt can make you question if it’s a safe place for your child to play, and it certainly doesn’t do anything for the community you’re trying to build!

Boost first impressions of your playground that reflects well on the facility and community you serve — when the curb appeal is warm and inviting, it draws a crowd and is the perfect place for kids to play safely.

MVP Playgrounds curates the leading commercial playgrounds for city parks! Explore affordable and tangible ways to enhance the look and feel of your playground in today’s post.

Regularly Power Wash The Play Structures

Commercial playgrounds are exposed to all of the very best weather that Mother Nature provides — from rain and snow to strong winds and harsh sunlight — the elements take their toll on playground equipment. It’s important that a couple of times a year, the playground gets a good power wash.

Late fall and spring are a great time to scrub your commercial playground equipment down! Power washing is one of the most effective ways to clean the play structures — it’ll remove dirt and debris, keeping the playground components hygienic and safe to use.

Invest In Landscaping

The first thing people typically notice about the playground is the grounds — or lack thereof. Dry and patchy grass areas or weeds popping out in every direction aren’t exactly what parents and caregivers look for. Instead, they love a good outdoor area with lush, thick grass that kids can run and play in, trees that provide shade, and an overall nice appearance.

It’s amazing what adding plants, bushes, flowers, and trees to your playground property can do for the curb appeal. Consider lining pathways with greenery or filling corners with flowers or ornamental shrubs.

The more nature you can incorporate into the area, the better it will feel to visitors.

Maintain Sidewalks And Parking

Dilapidated sidewalks and parking not only are an eyesore, but they can also be a safety hazard if there are large cracks, uneven pavement, or large potholes.

Consider resealing your parking lot or filling sidewalk cracks every couple of years, or as needed.

To keep these areas looking clean and well-maintained, when you’re power washing the playground equipment, be sure to include the sidewalk and parking area, too.

Create An Inviting Area

Help welcome the community by making them feel safe — install adequate lighting in the parking area and around the playground area.

It’s also the small details that can really improve everyone’s experience. From shade structures and picnic tables to bike racks and benches, the more functional features you have, the more comfortable and convenient the environment is.

New Commercial Playground Equipment

Perhaps your playground is showing its age! If you’re ready to swap old, metal playground slides and components for high-quality HDPE plastics and coated surfaces for improved safety, MVP Playgrounds have you covered.

Start planning your next playground today!