4 Tips For Choosing Playground Equipment For Your School

Because kids of all ages and abilities love to let loose on the playground!


Playing outdoors is vital for kids, especially when they’re couped up in school all day— the playground offers them a chance to stretch, let out some energy, and enjoy some fresh air, which is exactly why playgrounds are so essential at schools and for kids. 


At MVP Playgrounds, we supply the premier playground equipment to schools for kids of all ages and abilities! Stay with us here as we explore the best tips for choosing new playground equipment for your school.  

Choosing Playground Equipment For Your School


Playground equipment is ever so necessary with our little ones being glued to different devices. And in schools, with the wave of testing and preparing our kids for this, recess time is largely being cut into. This is why the great outdoors is so imperative for these little minds, not only can they relax and be kids, but it gives them the opportunity to develop and enhance other skills. 


So, what kind of playground equipment should your school choose?  Below are a few tried and true tips from the playground equipment experts! 


Before you begin…


Before we dive into the tips for choosing school playground equipment, there is a great resource guide that can help you start planning your playground start with the following two guides:



Look For Age-Appropriate Play Stations


Because your school has a variety of age ranges, it’s important to choose playground equipment that covers all of them. There are entities such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) who give some guidance as to what playground components should be implemented for the different age ranges. After all, a component a five-year-old loves is probably not going to be where a 10-year-old is spending their time — their interests and development stages are different. 


Choosing a wide variety of playground components that span a wide variety of kids is vital, yet it oftentimes is looked over because in the playground planning process people are more concerned with price or permits they need to get to install the playground equipment. 

Don’t overlook age-appropriate playground equipment for your next school playground!


What are some great playground choices for schools?

  • Coopers Neck – This playground equipment has a large variety of playground components for all ages — from a tactile gear panel for the little ones on the ground level to a spiral slide that the older kids can enjoy time and time again!
  • Ditch Plains – The ground level of this playground equipment is a great place for younger kids to play with a car panel and a ships’s wheel to ignite the imagination. And the bigger kids will have fun racing each other down the straight slides or stretching their legs and testing their abilities on the arch climber. 
  • Figgs Landing – Figgs Landing is a great playground where kids of all ages and abilities can develop their skills — from playing the single drum and expressing their music capabilities to learning balance on the lotus step climber, there is fun and adventure to be had by all. 


Look for a Variety in Playground Equipment     


Because you’ll have a wide span of ages and abilities, the more playground components there are, the better. This not only gives kids a choice in how they play, but it also keeps arguments and fighting over a certain component to a minimum! 


It’s also nice for the community and families with different aged children to be able to visit the playground with a place that everyone can play and be entertained at — there is an assortment of choices in addition to playground equipment that is fun and challenging for all!  


Not only is age important to consider but so is inclusivity! You want a playground that all abilities can enjoy as well — from a variety of ground-level playground components to single structures that everyone can explore and adventure on.  


If you have the budget, invest in a larger playground!


No how often can you say that you have a larger budget within the school system? We understand you’re working with limitations, but a larger playground may be the most cost-effective long-term strategy. 


Schools have been known to grow in size rather than the opposite, so why not invest in playground equipment that can grow with you? It’s always a good idea to give the kids enough space to play where they feel free to roam and explore, rather than be packed in like sardines where safety hazards — tripping and falling — can happen. 


High-Quality Playground Materials


Whether you’re investing in coated steel or HDPE (high-quality plastic) playgrounds, it’s crucial that you choose materials such as these. Not only do they stand up against wear and tear over time, but they’re also highly durable, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant. 


Less time is wasted on replacing parts or worrying about the safety issues the kids may encounter, and the more time there is for kids having fun! 


Choose your school playground equipment wisely…if only for the kids! 


From choosing age-appropriate playground components and finding a variety in playground equipment to investing in a larger playground and selecting high-quality playground materials, these are all tips to consider when it comes time to plan for your next school playground. 


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