5 Reasons Every Park Needs Metal Picnic Tables

Maintenance is a big part of what you do daily to ensure that people keep coming to the park you run. Depending on what kind of material was used to make the picnic tables, routine repairs may need to be done more often and cost more. Frequent maintenance is annoying for the staff, and children. 

A wood picnic table must be polished on a regular basis, the frame must be changed when it becomes weak, and the tabletop must be replaced when the weather turns bad. You would have to buy a new set of tables after a year of extreme winter and summer temperatures. Because of these problems, choosing something stronger, like metal picnic tables, is essential. Metal is strong, doesn’t get damaged by the environment, and will save you money in the long run.

Let’s Look At All The Reasons Why Metal Picnic Tables Are Good For Parks:

1. Metal Picnic Tables Are More Durable

For the park to have lasting appeal, it needs consistent branding. When you change colors and materials often, it hurts the image of your business. In this way, putting in metal tables makes the park look bigger. The weather and environment outside are perfect for rust to form. However, that is not the case with metal picnic tables that don’t rust. A thermoplastic coating is sprayed on them to make them less likely to rust.

2. A Metal Table Is Better For The Environment

As part of the global effort to stop climate change, choosing materials that are good for the environment is essential. Metal is a better choice than other materials because it is easier to find, can be used more than once, and lasts longer. Metal is a special material that can be used over and over again. 

3. Vandalism Is Less Likely To Happen To Metal

There is a need for monitoring because a park table is frequently used by more than one person at a time. Wooden picnic tables are more susceptible to damage from careless users, such as children and vandals. However, metal tables are robust, long-lasting, and weatherproof, and they require far less upkeep than their wooden counterparts.

4. Metal Tables Make It Easier To Be Creative

Creating a lovely seating arrangement is part of commercial or public park marketing. Choosing a material that gives you room to be creative is essential. With modern coating technology, any metal surface can have different colors. If you use metal for your table instead of wood or plastic, you can choose from a variety of colors. Metal makes it possible to make picnic tables with complicated shapes like circles, diamonds, or squares.

5. Metal Is Easy To Maintain

When choosing the material, it’s important to consider how easy it is to keep up. If you use your picnic tables for business, it pays to keep them clean, in good shape, and safe to use. Paint or thermoplastic can cover the metal tables, making them easy to clean. Coated surfaces make cleaning up liquid spills, dust, and other kinds of dirt easy. Park equipment usually wears out quickly and needs to be fixed often. Table frames may need to be replaced or fixed on a wooden table. On the other hand, a metal frame rarely needs to be changed.

Are You Ready For Your Park To Change?

Keeping your park furniture in good shape is not easy. A good choice of materials makes it easier to maintain your park. Investing in high-quality durable metal picnic tables from a trusted vendor like us will save you money on maintenance costs in the long run. For more information about our playground and park equipment, please call MVP Playgrounds at 303-944-8767.

Ken Cosper