Why Playing At The Park Is So Important For Kids

Is there anything better than the sound of kids playing? The happiness on their faces and in their voices show how much kids love being able to play and make friends in their community.

The freedom of playing is necessary for children to acquire the emotional, social, and creative thinking skills they will need as adults. The space allows kids to interact with their surroundings and with people in their community in a fun setting. It will enable your child to experiment with new ideas and behaviors, pushing their limits and maturing.

Here Are Some Additional Reasons Why Kids Should Spend Time In The Park:

Obesity Reduction

Parents know that their children spend many hours a day in front of a television screen or computer monitor, resulting in a less active and considerably more sedentary lifestyle. Allowing your children to play outside for at least an hour per day helps to minimize obesity and boosts their physical and emotional well-being.

Immune System Fortification

According to studies, children who spend more time outside are generally healthier and less likely to get sick. Free play helps youngsters improve their immune systems and stay fit.

Improving Academic Performance

Studies show that letting a child play outside for 20 minutes makes it easier for them to handle schoolwork and responsibilities when they come back inside. When your kids get home from school, let them put down their books and play outside. It allows them to get rid of their worries and anger and helps them relax while doing their homework.

Reducing Anxiety

Any parent who has ever watched their child on a rainy Saturday afternoon knows how much energy a small body can hold and how it can make a child anxious and angry. Please open the door when the sun comes out or take them to the playground to burn it off.

Sleep Better

Children who spend a substantial amount of time outside playing on playgrounds sleep better, go to bed sooner and wake up more refreshed than children who spend a significant amount of time indoors.The parks should be diverse, offering activities for people of all ages, from youngsters to the elderly. For more information about our playground and park equipment, please call MVP Playgrounds at 303-944-8767.

Ken Cosper