Creating an ADA-Compliant Playground

Playtime for all!

At MVP Playgrounds, our commercial playground equipment has components for all abilities, because playtime should be inclusive and for everyone! 

Spark fun on our ground-level playground components such as a tic-tac-toe panel and ship’s wheel (Bellevue playset), a single drum and bongos (Boulder playset), a storefront (Divinity Hill playset), and many, many more! 

Collaborate with us in your next commercial playground project!

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Everyone’s Included At MVP Playgrounds!

  • Create a playground everyone can play on
  • Foster connection
  • Nurture engagement
  • Break barriers
  • Cultivate social skills
  • Draw camaraderie
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Inclusive Commercial Playground Equipment  

When it comes to commercial playground equipment, there are specifications that must be addressed — you can find a complete guide through the ADA 

At MVP Playgrounds, our commercial playgrounds are ADA-compliant!

Let’s explore more about ADA playground compliance and inclusive playground components below. 

First things first, what do we mean when we mention playground components? A playground component can stand alone or be integrated into the larger playset and allows opportunities for kids to play, learn, and socialize. Many include slides, climbers, and overhead pieces. 

Ground Level Playground Components

Ground-level playground components are the foundation of an inclusive playground, in addition to being ADA-compliant. 

When it comes to the requirements of how many ground-level playground components must be present in your playground, it needs to have one of each type and this is based on the number of elevated play components within the structure.

Ground-level playground components have fun and interactive features that everyone can enjoy, and are accessible for those with physical disabilities to reach and use. 

Refer to our table above for the exact requirements.

Elevated Playground Components

Within your playset, 50% of the elevated playground components must be accessible with ramps and other transfer systems. A transfer system includes a transfer platform, transfer steps, and transfer supports (handrails). 

Elevated playground components are wonderful because they provide those with disabilities an opportunity to use additional components, allowing more options for fun!

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Embrace an All-Abilities Playground!

Play should be an integral part of every child’s life — it brings a great deal of joy and a chance for them to let off some energy! Play also lends itself to the growth and development of a child — they refine their motor skills, hone creativity, learn problem-solving, and begin to grasp valuable socioemotional skills. 

Children with disabilities have more obstacles to tackle when it comes to the playground and often aren’t provided the same opportunities for play, often feeling isolated. This is why inclusive playgrounds are vital to any new commercial playground — it is a  way that kids can play side-by-side on the same playground, together! 

Create a space where everyone feels seen and accepted. 

It’s important to create a playground that is inclusive and brings everyone together — everyone has the opportunity to participate. 

Foster a Connection

Many social skills and social cues are learned within a group and this can only happen when people are connected to others. In an inclusive playground, everyone is a part of things and isolation for those with disabilities can be avoided. 

Nurture Engagement

An inclusive playground nurtures engagement. When everyone has the opportunity to play in the same area it can bring people in instead of making them feel left out because there isn’t a play component for them. 

Break Barriers

In an all-abilities playground, there is no separation — no barriers! So, help break any barriers by implementing a whole host of inclusive playground components. 

Cultivate Social Skills

Social skills are developed through interaction with others and when more inclusive playground components are available, it helps to cultivate social skills in every child because all kids can play.

Draw Camaraderie

When all abilities are recognized and not marginalized, it not only fosters a sense of camaraderie — the kids are all in it together!      

We can’t stress enough how important an inclusive playground is, not only does it help build confidence and a sense of acceptance for those living with a disability, but it creates an environment where everyone is included and can play together. 

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