Fall Maintenance Tips For Commerical Playgrounds

The summer months see a lot of activity for commercial playground equipment, which is why fall is the perfect time to do maintenance.


We hate to say it, but the summer months are coming to an end — all the swinging, sliding, and monkey bars will soon be traded for warm coats and sledding! But, not so fast! There is still plenty of time to maximize the time spent at the playground, and it’s also a good time for fall maintenance as we get into cooler weather. 


At MVP Playgrounds, we specialize in premium outdoor playsets for schools, HOAs, churches, daycares, and any facility where kids roam! Learn more about fall playground maintenance in today’s post!


Keeping Your Outdoor Playset Safe And Shiny!


It’s important to set a maintenance schedule for your outdoor playset a couple of times a year to ensure it’s safe for the kids to play on and that it remains in could condition. In the fall things begin to slow and it’s packed with many transitions — the long summer days are closing out and kids are going back to school. This season is a good time to inspect the playground as the warm weather wraps up. 


Let’s dive into a few key maintenance components to consider.


Complete a thorough inspection.


Take a couple of hours and look for any playground parts and pieces that need attention — look for broken, worn out, or loose equipment. This is also the time to note any debris that’s around that could be a hazard to the kids. Ensure you take thorough notes of the repairs that are needed so you can address them.


A playground inspection is vital to the safety and aesthetics of the playset and alerts you to any issues that could become a concern later down the line. 


Make Repairs!


The playground inspection is only valid when you follow through with playground repairs — even minor issues can turn into large safety hazards if they’re not addressed promptly. Whether you have a broken panel accessory or a snag in the slide, get these issues taken care of. 


Assess for storm damage.


Mother Nature is fierce in the summer months, bringing with her heavy winds, rains, and severe storms. The fall is the perfect opportunity to assess for any damage that may have incurred. Storms leave behind large branches and debris that can not only be on or near the playground equipment, but it can directly damage the playground equipment as well. 


Clean up the grounds.


Whether you have an expansive playscape or a small playset, it’s important to clean up the grounds. Not only does this just make the area look nicer and more inviting, but it removes tripping hazards such as large rocks and exposed tree roots. 


Give the premises the full treatment complete with pulling weeds and picking up trash!   


Address the pests!


Bees, ants, and wasps and other creatures love to make their homes in and near playground equipment. It’s important to connect with pest control to remove the pests. And, if there is a beehive, a local beekeeper may want to come in and remove it for free to better preserve and protect the honeybee population. 


Appraise the playground surfacing.


The playground surfacing is vital to the health and functioning of an outdoor playground because it creates a safe area around the playset should kids fall — it prevents serious head injuries and broken bones. 


Ensure the playground surfacing is intact and is covers enough ground should an accident occur. If you have wood mulch or rubber pieces, you may need to not only rake the material but spread new protection to fill in any gaps. 


Maintaining commercial playground equipment is crucial and it needs attention just like any other system in your facility. This is the place where kids play, sometimes daily, so it’s important to assess it for safety hazards and to reduce the signs of wear and tear with a little upkeep. 


At MVP Playgrounds, we provide durable, safe, and fun commercial playground equipment that is effortless to maintain. Many of the surfaces can easily be power washed for maintenance. If you find any broken or damaged parts, please reach out to us. 

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