The Different Materials Used In Playground Equipment

There are a variety of materials used in our commercial playgrounds — get a better look into what we use!


When it comes to the commercial playground industry, there are not only a variety of playsets and features to choose from but also a large variety of materials that are used that form railings, slides, and coverings to entertain kids all day!


At MVP Playgrounds, we supply premier commercial playgrounds that are manufactured with high-quality materials and are built to last! Join us in today’s post as we venture into the world of playground materials!

Common Playground Materials


If you’ve been researching commercial playgrounds for your daycare, church, or school, you may have already realized that it’s much more than just picking a playground! What your playground is composed impacts the safety, durability, and aesthetics.


As you’re navigating the best commercial playgrounds, it’s important to consider key material factors including:


  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetics
  • Purpose
  • Cost
  • Accessibility


Each of the above factors can help you decide what playground materials are best suited for your needs. In the meantime, let’s explore the common commercial playground materials that are used.  


Plastic, metal, wood, and a combination of the three are the most common playground materials, but at MVP Playgrounds we go beyond the standard materials. 


Recycled Galvanized Steel


When steel is used in our playgrounds, we typically use a recycled stainless steel for features including tubes and posts that provide not only superior weather resistance but durability and strength. 


For premier protection of our galvanized steel, many have parts that have a specialized coating for greater corrosion resistance. 


UV Stabilized High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


HDPE is commonly used in activity panels, tables, signs, and playground accessories for a durable plastic that withstands the elements. The UV stabilization ensures that the colors of your playground will stay vibrant and like new, even well into their use! 


These panels are also splinter, crack, graffiti, ad stain resistant. 


Rotationally Molded Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) 


Why does rotationally molded LDPE matter? This type of plastic is used in slides and tubes and not only do the rotationally molded parts keep an even consistency and produces premium playground equipment, but they also contain both UV stabilization and anti-static inhibitors — the playground aesthetics are protected and your kids will avoid the static cling that arguably is so so funny!


Protective Powder Coating


To aid commercial playground equipment in longevity, a protective powder coating is applied to a variety of surfaces and structures to not only create a safer environment for kids — less sharp or hot surfaces — but it protects the playground elements from the sun and other weather such as rain or snow that might cause bare steel to rust. 


There is a lot to consider when choosing commercial playground equipment for your facility, but the materials you choose are critical to the safety and aesthetics of the playground structure. It is the details we pay attention to that keep kids safe and your playground in good condition for years to come. 


To learn more about the playground materials we use, connect with us today!