10 Reasons Why Shade Structures Are A Smart Solution For Your Playground

Kids love being outside and going to playgrounds, especially when the weather is nice. There is a fine line between a good time and too much exposure to harmful UV rays. Sunburns can be extremely painful and can last for days.

Provides Sun Protection

Sun protection is key, whether it’s a kid or an adult because exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer, eye damage, body inflammation, aging, and lower immune system function.

Create Cooler Temperatures

Shade structures can reduce the temperature of the playground by 20 degrees and equipment temperatures are reduced up to 50 degrees. We have many shade structures including pavilions, canopies, and playground shade toppers. Increase shade by adding more fabric to your structure. Shade is easy to install and requires low maintenance and they are cost-effective because they don’t rust or break down.

Make Playgrounds Inviting and Comfortable

When children are playing outside, they can enjoy themselves more when the sun isn’t an issue. Shade structures can work as an overhead sun shelter, a resting area between activities, or a place to play. 

Create an Exciting and Innovative Look

When you install a shade structure over the commercial park playground equipment, it’s a great way to add some visual interest and excitement. When designing a shade structure for your playground, why not take advantage of this opportunity and make it as cool as possible? You can even create the structure to match the theme of your playground or school.

Allow for Ease of Use Anytime

A shade structure can be used regardless of sun exposure or weather. To keep your playground equipment usa safe and intact, consider how much sun and wind there is in the area. Installing a cover will keep your equipment in pristine condition year-round, reducing maintenance costs.

Provide a Rain Shelter

Shade structures are a great way to give visitors a place to get out of the rain. They also allow them to escape the wind, sun, cold, and heat. On those hot summer days when you just want to stay cool by sitting under an umbrella at a patio table. Shade structures are a must.

Variety of Structural Designs

Shade structures can form a roof or canopy over outdoor park playground equipment, so children are not exposed to direct sunlight. It can be used to construct an awning over playground equipment. They are lightweight enough for year-round use and can be used to construct pavilions that protect from rain and sun.

Easy to Install

Shade structures protect outdoor park playground equipment  from the sun. They’re easy to move, making them ideal for mild climates and year-round play.

Are Low Maintenance

Shade structures may be the answer if you’re tired of painting, staining, and repairing net climber playground equipment. A playground shade structure requires low maintenance, and you can save time, money, and labor costs with your shade structure.

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Ken Cosper