Creating the Ideal Play Area for a Daycare or Preschool

Not all children are alike, some might be into sports and others just like simple games, but how can you ensure they get enough physical activity during the day at daycare or preschool? The simple answer is that you choose a school with an engaging playground. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to creating an engaging play space for children.

Playground Safety

Use materials that are safe for children of all ages and stages. Before building, consider the layout. A playground built on level ground is easier to navigate than one with tree roots or large rocks. If you’re creating outdoor space, consider how quickly sunlight moves throughout the day, so play equipment isn’t shaded too early in the morning and isn’t baking under the direct sun in the afternoon. If you’re planning an indoor sandbox, consider where rainy-day wind gusts might blow sand.

Consider Capacity

  • Consider capacity- How many children can you have playing simultaneously.
  • Do you have enough room for the number of children you have? 
  • Think about how much space each child needs. Children may be uncomfortable if they are crammed into a small table or bench with no room to spread out. It’s also important to consider whether any pieces of equipment will block access for other children from entering the building.

Choose The Play Theme

Play themes are a great way to engage children and make them feel like they’re part of the daily routine. They can be anything from dinosaurs to superheroes to outer space. Play themes can also be used to teach children about the world around them.

Plan Your Playground Layout

Before deciding how to best design the play space, you must consider a few things.

  • The space available: Do you have enough room for a playground? 
  • Space needed: Is there anything specific that your children would like to play on? If so, then think about incorporating those things into their new space.
  • Space wanted: Do the kids have any desires regarding their play space? Some kids may prefer playing with slides or swings.

Choose Age-Appropriate Equipment

Choose age-appropriate daycare commercial park equipment. Follow outdoor play equipment manufacturers‘ recommendations and research your child’s developmental stage. Consider the kid’s physical abilities (height, weight) and social development to choose safe equipment.

Make It Inclusive

The inclusive play focuses on the needs of all children by creating safe spaces where they can explore freely within their abilities. All children must play because it helps them develop social skills at their own pace. Inclusive environments also provide opportunities for parents to interact with each other while helping teachers meet the needs of each child through small group activities (i.e., reading books) or large group activities.

Engaging Playground

Whether you’re creating an outdoor playground structure for preschoolers, children should be able to run, jump, climb, and discover the world in their way. A school’s environment should foster creativity and imagination by providing materials that students may not have at home. Lastly, parks and preschool outdoor equipment playgrounds should be social gathering places where children of all ages can mingle and have a good time in a secure setting. How do you create these opportunities? The best way is by planning out your play structures so that they give children multiple options for learning and interacting.

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Ken Cosper